NEB Class 12 Result 2080/2023: Update and Insights

NEB Class 12 Result 2080 Published: Check Grade 12th Result
NEB Class 12 Result 2080 Published: Check Grade 12th Result

Are you eagerly waiting to realize your NEB Class 12 Result 2080/2023? Look no similarly, as this guide gives you the whole thing you need to efficaciously check your result. The National Examination Board (NEB) is all set to unveil the effects of the 12th magnificence, and we’re here to make sure which you have a continuing experience gaining access to your end result online. In this text, we walk you through the technique, little by little.

NEB Class 12 Result 2080 Published: Check Grade 12th Result
NEB Class 12 Result 2080 Published: Check Grade 12th Result

Stay tuned for the NEB Class 12 Result 2080/2023 update from the National Examination Board (NEB). Get the latest insights on the resulting launch.

Thе еagеrly awaitеd NEB Class 12 Rеsult 2080/2023 updatе is just around thе cornеr. Thе National Examination Board (NEB), formеrly known as thе Highеr Sеcondary Education Board (HSEB), is at thе hеlm of Nеpal’s highеr sеcondary еducation and еxamination. According to NEB’s latеst rеport from Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, thе rеsult of thе 12th class is sеt to bе unvеilеd in thе last wееk of Shrawan 2080. In this dеtailеd articlе, wе dеlvе into this updatе, its significancе, and thе procеss of chеcking your rеsult onlinе.

Class 12 result 2080 Update

Board NameNational Examination Board (NEB)
Exam NameNEB 12th Exam 2080
Result NameNEB Class 12 Result 2080/2023
SessionBS 2079-2080
Exam DateBaishakh-Jestha 2080 BS (May 2023)
Result ModeOnline
Result DateShrawan 30, 2080 (August 15, 2023)
Result &

As pеr thе updatе from NEB, Class 12 Result 2080 for thе yеar 2080 is slatеd for rеlеasе within Shrawan 32, 2080, which translatеs to August 17, 2023. Furthеrmorе, in a rеcеnt updatе, NEB announcеd that thе twelfth rеsult is sеt to be publishеd today, on thе 30th day of Shrawan 2080, marking August 15, 2023, as thе day whеn studеnts can in the end accеss thеir еagеrly awaitеd rеsults. This announcеmеnt holds immеnsе significancе for studеnts, parеnts, and еducators alikе.


Your NEB.GOV.NP Class 12 result isn’t just a compilation of grades; it’s a mirror reflecting your growth and accomplishments. The 2080 results encompass a range of crucial information that provides a comprehensive overview of your performance. These details will be included in your class 12 result 2080:

  • Student name
  • School name
  • Registration number
  • Symbol number
  • Faculty/Stream
  • Subject-wise Grade GPA
  • Subject-wise theory and practical obtained grade
  • Subject-wise total GPA
  • Aggregate GPA
  • NEB Class 12 result Grade

Checking Your NEB Class 12 Result Online

To get admission to your NEB class 12 result, you’ve got two reliable options: neb.Ntc.Internet.Np and neb.Gov.Np/effects. Both of those websites provide identical result, ensuring that you can attain your result from the source that is maximum convenient for you. However, to get the right of entry to your end result, you ought to have your image variety and date of delivery equipped. This info are crucial for securely retrieving your end result and making sure that you receive accurate statistics approximately your academic overall performance.

To check your NEB 12th result for the year 2080 via SMS, follow these steps:

  1. Open the default messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Type “NEB” and give a space.
  3. Then, send this message to the number 1600. (For example – “NEB 23456783”)
  4. Within a few seconds, you will receive your 12th result in your message inbox
  5. Save it, share it, or screenshot it for your future reference.

Step-through-Step Guide to Checking NEB Class 12 Result 2080

Prepare Your Details: Before you start, make sure you have got your symbol number and date of beginning geared up. These info are vital for securely gaining access to your result.

  • Choose the Platform: You have two professional systems to choose from: neb.Ntc.Net.Np and neb.Gov.Np/effects. Both platforms provide the same end result, so pick out the only that fits you pleasant.
  • Access the Website: Open your chosen browser and type the selected website’s URL in the deal with bar.( &
  • Locate the Result Link: Once on the internet site’s homepage, look for the link that ends in the NEB Class 12 Result 2080/2023. This hyperlink is generally prominently displayed, given the high call for throughout end result time.
  • Enter Your Details: Click on the result hyperlink to be directed to the result-checking web page. Here, you’ll want to enter your symbol quantity and date of start within the respective fields.
  • Submit and Await: Double-take a look at the accuracy of the entered information and hit the “Submit” button. Your result will then be processed, and you may be directed to the result web page.
  • View Your Result: On the result web page, you’ll see your NEB Class 12 Result 2080/2023 displayed. Take a moment to absorb your educational fulfillment.


The NEB Class 12 Result 2080/2023 replace is a much-predicted event that holds sizeable importance for students, mother and father, and educators. As NEB takes center stage in Nepal’s education panorama, the transition from HSEB to NEB signifies a commitment to first-class and modernization. The online availability of the result guarantees that students can simply get right of entry to their academic overall performance records. By supplying correct and timely consequences, NEB empowers college students to make knowledgeable choices about their future academic pursuits.

What information do I need to check my result online?

To access your NEB Class 12 Result online, you’ll need your symbol number and your date of birth. These details ensure secure access to your academic performance information.

Can I access my result on a mobile device?

Yes, both and are accessible on mobile devices, allowing you to conveniently check your result from your smartphone or tablet.

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